1. 0.9.2 use this app
  3. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kr.c...
  5. use the info from his web site here
  7. http://tskit.co.kr/zbxe/download/2587
  9. download the cool esplorer programer
  11. http://esp8266.ru/esplorer-latest/?f=ESPlorer.zip
  13. download the flasher
  15. https://github.com/nodemcu/nodemcu-flasher/blob/ma...
  17. note ypu will have to make changes in this flasher to his page inf examp, load his 0000 and 4000 to the appropriate location on node mcu program page. you will have to select the comm port for it also. If you played with the esp befort this should be easy for you. If not use his loader at :
  19. http://tskit.co.kr/zbxe/?module=file&act=procFileD... this is his xcomm loader after the 9.2 is loaded load his 0000 then load his 4000 as described on his page at:
  21. http://tskit.co.kr/zbxe/download/2587
  23. If you want me to preload one for you I will do it for free ...either send me a esp8266-01 or a the cost of the chip ( about 2,75) . The 201 and the 12 will take the same program....note that the 12 and 201 have several outputs but you have to run lots of wire to control various items this could be ok in like a car short runs to a multi relay box but in a house several long runs....i use only 1 esp8266-01 per relay to control ...the only downside is that you have to connect to that wifi esp directly for each switch. Hope this helped a little. Google hangouts for me is scramplepad@gmail.com

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